CL&P MiniMax in Chestnut Sedgwick

CL&P MiniMax minimal wallet. Hand made in Texas. Holds 8 credit cards and cash. Only 1/8" thick!

Introducing the newly designed CL&P MiniMax easy access minimal wallet. This minimal wallet is hand cut, hand stitched and hand finished in Houston, TX.


The MiniMax has two generous credit card pockets with thumb slots. There are two cards in each pocket in the photo. 4 in each pocket won’t be a problem especially after the wallet is broken in. It also has a nice sized cash pocket in the center.


The MiniMax is very small with dimensions of 3 3/4” tall x 3” wide and a scant 1/8” thick on edge.


This one is made of sedgwick bridle leather in Chestnut. It’s stitched with beige ritza tiger thread and burnished with tokonole.


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