About me

Welcome to Custom Leather and Pen, my boutique atelier in Houston, TX. I’m Curt and I have been working with leather and wood for more than 30 years and it’s my passion.  After a long career in corporate America, I'm now focused exclusively on providing high quality, handmade leather goods to discerning customers. 

I specialize in handmade to order leather goods for personalized gifts, weddings, parties and corporate events.  I offer a broad range of products including bar and kitchenware, restaurant and catering supplies, journal covers, wallets, keychains and personalized EDC gear.  My specialty is made-to-order goods for individuals and small run quantities up to ~100 items.  Made to order means you can specify the leather, thread color and monogram font that best fits your needs.  

Please take a moment to explore my online shop. I’d love to hear your comments. If you have a project in mind, questions, or comments, please email me using the button below. Thank you!